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Cờ cá ngựa - Ludo 2016


Ludo Go 2016 - Brand new Horse Race ChessDOWNLOAD the Ludo Go game then enjoy this funniest 2016 mobile board game - Ludo Go 2016
# Feature :
1. More Game Modes : you are free to choose how many people/ machine to play.2. Flexible : you also can choose whatever start gate you want in Horse Race Chess3. Poke Dice : you can choose whether 1 or 2 poke dice used in the Horse race chess4. Speed up : the most useful feature (x2,x3) to speed up the game when you donot have much time.
# Rule :
1. SHAKE your phone or TOUCH to dicing 2. LET your horse out once you get either 1 or 6 points or same point of both poke dices (in 2 poke dices mode)3. CHOOSE the running horse to take the move if you donot want to put new horse the the race4. KICK competitor's horse out of the race once it is on your next move
# Strategy :
1. CHOOSE the start gate right before your competitor's2. KICK competitor's horse once you get chance3. PUT as many horse into the race as you have chance
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